Rwandan driver Samuel Mukisha goes missing in US

Rwandan driver Samuel Mukisha goes missing in US

Monday, September 5, 2022 at 12:00 p.m

Samuel Mukisha has been reported missing by his group ProTouch. The Rwandan cyclist was scheduled to start Sunday in the Maryland Cycling Classic, but has been missing since he arrived at the airport in the United States.

“Mukisha arrived in the US as scheduled on Wednesday, August 31,” his team wrote on social media. “He arranged his own transport there and did not take the transfer bus to the hotel.”

“However, the rider never came to the hotel and did not come to the race on Sunday. That is why the team and the competition organization have reported the disappearance to the US authorities.

Mukisha has been riding with South African Protouch since late last year. Prior to that, he worked for Dimensional Data for Kubeka Training Group.

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