Rutte: Negotiations on chip exports with the US could well be concluded

Rutte: Negotiations on chip exports with the US could well be concluded

Prime Minister Mark Rutte expects the debate over the US’s desire to limit exports of chip machines to China to be “finished on a positive note”. He made the announcement on Tuesday after his conversation with US President Joe Biden, ANP news agency reported. Rutte is scheduled to speak with Biden at the White House in Washington, DC talk Support for Ukraine, but also for democracy, human rights and ‘critical technical cooperation’.

In the latter case, it mainly concerns Dutch chip machine manufacturer ASML. The US wants the Netherlands to further restrict the export of machines to China: at the moment only the latest machines are not allowed to go to China, but according to the US, older ‘DUV’ lithography machines also supply China. More power.

Last Friday, Rutte wanted to join Press conference The weekly group of ministers did not say much about ASML, but said he was entering the dialogue “from a position of sovereignty and self-confidence”. “Although we are certainly twenty times smaller as an economy, these are areas where we are truly a global player.” Even after his conversation with the US president, Rutte did not release any concrete information.

Biden is the third president to meet Rudd. ANP photos show Rutte and Biden in front of a fireplace in the Oval Office, the president’s workplace. Earlier, Rutte also sat down with Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Dutch Foreign Minister Voepke Hoekstra (CTA) was also expected at the meeting with his US counterpart Antony Blingen, but they were not at the president’s office as far as is known.

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