Russian killed in a shark attack in Egypt

Russian killed in a shark attack in Egypt
Diving near Hurghada in Egypt

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Russian killed in a shark attack in the Red Sea, Egypt. It was about a man in his twenties.

A Russian tiger shark has been stung to death near the popular resort of Hurghada, according to Egyptian authorities. According to the Russian news agency TASS, the man lived permanently in Egypt and was not a tourist.

A video circulating on social media shows a shark circling the deeply agitated man. Then the shark strikes and the man disappears underwater. There is still some splashing to be seen and the shark’s fin appears a few times. An approaching boat arrives too late to get help.

Shark caught

The shark has been caught by the authorities and the animal is being examined in a laboratory. A large area was cordoned off due to a shark bite. There is also a ban on various water sports such as swimming and diving.

Shark attacks are very rare in the Egyptian part of the Red Sea. There were two attacks around Hurghada last year. Within a few days, an Austrian and a Romanian tourist died. The area is popular with divers and snorkelers.

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