ChatGPT for iOS Gets Siri Integration and Better Support for iPads – Tablets and Phones – News

But Siri doesn’t do that, if only because she often doesn’t understand me[1]it is often activated when I don’t want it to[2] He often exclaims, “Yeah, just look on the web.”[3]

Exactly how am I also facing Google Assistant. I myself use an iPad, iPhone, a Windows laptop and Google Home (nest mini or something?)

I actually always use Siri to turn on my phone, things like Siri but make an appointment…. play music x set a timer.

However, I google because I have a number of non-Apple compatible lights in my studio and because this thing with a screen was on at a certain point for 2 years only on second chances and I thought I should have this…

There’s a google thing right next to my desk and this studio is exactly 29 square meters (very small really), if I want to turn off my lights I actually have to speak very clearly… when I say booboo to my cat (that’s his pet name) google always thinks I’m talking With him and there seems to be nothing to do with it.

The only things Google is ever ahead of are navigation things eg Hey google go to x by bike is 385 times better than Apple (Maps) siri.

But to say that one 2 is clearly better than the other overall… no, I’m not convinced of that at all.

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