Russia expels US deputy ambassador: ‘on the rise’ | Abroad

Russia expels US deputy ambassador: 'on the rise' |  Abroad

Bartle Korman was expelled in retaliation for an earlier order to leave a Russian adviser in Washington, Moscow said without elaborating. U.S. sources say Deputy Ambassador Gorman left Russia last week. Relations between Russia and the United States have plummeted to an all-time low. The US government warns daily about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The two powers have been at loggerheads with each other for some time over the staff at their respective embassies. Moscow said at the end of last year that employees who have been in their positions for more than three years should return home. A U.S. State Department spokesman said Gormann had been there less than that time and had a valid visa.

‘Unsubstantiated eviction’

The White House has called on Russia to suspend “unfounded expulsions” of diplomats and allies. “Having the necessary personnel in our countries is now more important than ever to facilitate communication between our governments.”

France, Germany and several European countries on Thursday warned of dire consequences if Russia entered Ukraine. “We underscore that any military aggression against Ukraine will have far-reaching consequences and unprecedented costs,” the EU envoy to Estonia, Norway, Albania and the United States signed a joint statement from both countries.

The signatories are deeply concerned about the concentration of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. German Ambassador to the UN Antje Leendertse told the UN that “we regret that Russia has not yet provided a satisfactory explanation” for the troop concentration. Said at a Security Council meeting.

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