Rumour: AMD EPYC Venice Gets Up to Sixteen Memory Channels and a New SP7 Socket PC News

AMD’s 6th generation EPYC server processors may get a new SP7 socket. This was reported by YuuKi_AnS, who often shares information about unannounced processors. CPUs use the Zen 6 architecture and may have up to sixteen memory channels.

AMD has released two different versions of its 6th generation EPYC CPUs. @Yuuki_AnS reports. The CPUs, codenamed Venice, will be available with twelve or sixteen memory channels, according to the leaker. Current EPYC Genoa processors have a maximum of twelve such channels. According to the leaker, the EPYC Venice processors also use a new socket: SP7. This will be the successor to SP5, which is currently being used for AMD’s 4th generation EPYC Genoa CPUs.

Prior to the release of the sixth generation EPYC, AMD will release a fifth generation of EPYC Turin CPUs based on the Zen 5 architecture. These devices will once again receive the SP5 socket currently used for EPYC Genoa, which was previously confirmed by AMD, and Turin will be released sometime in Next year, although there is no set release date yet. Venice may follow in 2025 or later, VideoCardz writes. AMD itself has not yet shared any official details about EPYC Venice.

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