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If they add more and more features, but don’t develop/use more efficient SoCs, it is very difficult to add more software options with the same hardware, and at the same time these options cost less power than before. So with the same SoC and new software features, it could perform worse in practice, requiring a larger battery to counter that. Basically, you don’t get improved battery life, which is why knowing your battery life is so important.

This is only possible if the software is not so optimized that good improvements give you new features that also cost less energy. It is possible, but it is not realistic if you look at the developments. In addition, the performance gain will not be software-leading, the Watch series is already quite developed.

The Watch 4 and Watch 5 both use the Exynos W920. Unfortunately, the landscape of SoCs in smartwatches has been holding up for a few years it seems. The long-term use of SoCs and marginal improvements in SoC developments in smartwatches doesn’t really inspire confidence that the Watch 6 will suddenly have such an improved SoC that’s more economical.

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