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There is something to be said for both of them. You don’t have to have a flagship like you used to. And if you get a flagship program with which you can do it all: navigate, play media, photograph, email, communicate, bank, you name it. So 33 euros a month isn’t crazy at all.

In my opinion, smartphones have not become more expensive either. Additional segments were simply added, above and between the major tags of the time. The emotional definition of a mid-range smartphone is actually also different. My desire was HTC in 2010 “flagship” for about 400-500 euros. It is a mid-range smartphone in terms of price these days.

I got a flagship for 400-500€ with:
1x 5MP camera (rear)
512MB of storage
3.7in 480p AMOLED

Now smartphones worth 400-500 euros are located in the middle segment
What do you get for it?

3 to 4 cameras in the back
2400 x 1080 90-120 Hz (AM) OLED screen
128 – 256 GB storage
6 – 8 GB RAM
35W to 85W charging with a huge battery that lasts up to a day.

Well, with inflation that was 450€ in 2010 it’s now 650€.
With that said, you’d just get a Pixel 7 or S22, which is several times better and is actually an unnecessary luxury than what you can get at the time.

Yes, those who complain (see their fellows in the comments) always bought the best of the best flagships. Yes, they have really gone up in price. And if you are used to it, you will actually end up with a Samsung Ultra super mega or an unlimited € 1600 Iphone Pro Max. But this is now as if you always buy a good Audi A4 or a Volkswagen Passat and now a Bugatti Chiron covered in diamonds.

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I don’t need it, but I still have about 33-44 euros a month on my pocket computer with which I really do everything. And I must also say that this is close to my limit because technically I can’t do more or better things with a €600 phone. It’s nice to have a 120Hz 1400 nits screen with a 10x zoom lens and that’s worth something too.

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