March 25, 2023

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A surprising discovery in Mr.  Frank Visser makes a statement: "You're lying!"

A surprising discovery in Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement: “You’re lying!”

In Henny and Pieter, the hike is now so high that they have decided to put their house up for sale after 27 years of joyful living. And all because of the fence, which, they say, has moved 50 centimeters. “I feel so uncomfortable sitting here,” Heaney says. “It’s awful about that fence.” “The problem is [buurvrouw Anja red.] He becomes greedy and takes a piece of land from you (…) When I see her head I already feel sick. She’s just mean, very mean.”

Neighborhood girl Anja is unaware of any harm. According to her, the fence is located in exactly the same place as the previous one, and has been there for 30 years. As far as she’s concerned, the whining should be over. “It’s a bit like: we’re going to bully Anja,” her side of the story says. And these neighbors, they only use a piece of her land. Now that Anja is busy, she also wants to get rid of the neighbour’s tree, as it is bothering her. Then there’s also the gate her neighbors use to walk on her property. According to Anja, Peter and Henny don’t have a right of way, which they are in conflict with themselves.

When Meester Visser and Viktor arrive at the site to investigate, they make a startling discovery: the property boundary runs right through Henny and Pieter’s elder tree. But it doesn’t stop there. Victor soon discovers that the property boundary also extends across Peter and Henny’s barn.

During the hearing, it soon becomes apparent that everyone would rather see that the right boundaries are maintained. This means that a new fence must be built, which is paid for by both neighbors. Heney and Peter’s shed, thirteen centimeters above the boundary of the property, may remain, because the judge has temporally forbade it. Regarding the right-of-way, Mister Visser is clear: Hennie and Peter are not allowed on Anja’s land, so the gate must be closed. Finally, they would also have to remove the tree and pay for it together. If they do not comply, fines can reach €20,000.

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