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I think you are really, incredibly wrong.

Nvidia is the only company that entered the market with mining video cards in 2021 and they have been available very little in recent months (although they hardly make it to Europe because they were mainly bought in Asia).

See here an example of a serious miner…D576F080E06B1Cf/dashboard at €2,150 a day, although nowadays he has much fewer GPU references in his worker names (so he’s probably mostly doing ASICs these days instead of a GPU, which is fine for him if that’s the case, but that’s Not that all “serious” miners do this.)

Indeed, why only “serious” miners? In my opinion, there are a lot of GPU sales to smaller miners who don’t want to buy an ASIC due to the safety of the fantastic resale value if things go wrong with cryptocurrencies.

see also you see it’s in fifth place with the Nvidia CMP 170HX (what you can call a non-consumer GPU or at least a specific GPU mining) after fully occupying the top ten consumer GPUs.

see also, this gives a picture of the GPU to ASIC ratio on one of the (as far as I know and arguably) most popular Linux operating system (ETH) for mining.
Under Miners/GPUs, Phoenixminer, t-rex and nbminer are the top 3 in HiveOS, these are AMD + Nvidia, Nvidia only and Nvidia only GPU miners respectively, not ASIC miners.

You are mining Bitcoin nowadays (and for years) via ASICs, but ETH mining is often more profitable than Bitcoin mining, although it will fluctuate significantly with all developments, see for example. https://www.crypto-rating…more-profitable-than-btc/

So the opposite is true. In all likelihood, GPU mining is the main reason why the consumer GPU market has been turbulent for over a year now. Undoubtedly more people are gaming at home due to Corona and yes there is a shortage of chips, but that doesn’t explain why the consumer GPU market continues in its current state with prices 2x above the recommended retail price.

See for example also, which gives a picture of video cards already used for games. Where do you see those RTX 3080’s, RTX 3070, RTX 3090, RTX 3060 Ti’s, RX 6800 (XT), RX 6800XT’s RX 6900XT and RX 6700XT that made up the majority of GPU sales last year (due to the last generation)?
It’s not that few video cards were sold in 2021 and 2020, because Nvidia has broken record after record and I think AMD is also in GPU sales (see eg. https://nvidianews.nvidia…third-quarter-fiscal-2022), only that demand is much greater than supply; That is why there is such a big deficiency.
In these Steam poll results, the best scoring card for the aforementioned premium consumer GPU list is the RTX 3070 with a 1.70% share in Steam PCs, and the rest is much less than that: Next is the RTX 3080 at 1.04%. What are those GPUs used if they are not games…? I think you know the answer. And maybe a lot of GPUs are used for both gaming and mining. Why not. This also allows you to justify buying (even) a more expensive video card.

You can also ask yourself why, for example, the RTX 3080 TI with LHR has been on Marktplaats and Tweakers V&A for several months for a few hundred euros less than the RTX 3080 without LHR (although this price difference is getting smaller and smaller because the Lite continues Determinant of hash growth rate. Exceeded when mining). In all likelihood, the (high) prices are set by miners and the RTX 3080 TI is simply less profitable to mine ETH, while it’s a video card with a suggested retail price of about 70% higher.

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