Rumor: Intel working on Core i9-12900KS with 5.2GHz boost clock on all P cores – Computer – News

You have to differentiate them a little.

The first goal will be to get the perfect amount of cores for what you want to do. Most games from the last 10 or 15 years will use somewhere between 1 and 8 centers. For an extra margin you always take an extra core or 2, because you always have to deal with background processes and want to be able to do “something” without too much performance loss.

Too many cores can be counterproductive because the windows CPU scheduler is fine-swinging all threads from one core to the next, causing both costly context switches and caches to be lost because every time it goes your thread to another kernel. (See also why on an 8 or 12-core CPU, SMT or HT always results in a performance loss if you’re CPU-bound, and if not, you’ll see little to no effect).

So you can also play with CPU affinity to set the perfect amount of cores.

Only then will you consider the architecture and/or clock speeds that can get the most out of your processes. (Because for every app or game, you’ll also benefit more from Intel or AMD, so it depends on many other factors.)

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