Rumor: Entry-level ASUS ROG Ally with regular Z1 APU costs $600 Gaming News

The advantage of SteamOS is that more games appear that also run on MacOS and Linux virtually without any hassle.

Initiatives separate from Windows lead to further developments. At the time Apple moved from IBM to x86 to ARM, Microsoft didn’t have Windows-on-ARM in usable form (the Surface tablet is only a reasonable solution). Even Samsung’s tablet PCs serve as more of a laptop replacement than what Microsoft has to offer. So it is possible for Asus to put Android (without naming it Android due to licensing and mandatory store) on ROG Ally, because Proton is running on Android now.

Now Microsoft has plans for one Windows works best on mobile devices. And that while Valve It has been working with Steam machines for over 10 years. Once again, Microsoft shows that it does business interactively. In a market where speed is important, reaction can kill you quickly.

Take a look at the parties involved in the games:

  • game studios
  • game engines
  • Publishers
  • Platforms: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Windows, Android, Linux / SteamOS / MacOS
  • Digital Stores: Steam, Epic, GOG, Xbox, Windows, Android, iPhone, Sony, Nintendo
  • regular stores
  • Video Cards: AMD, Nvidia, Intel (Iris), and also ARM (Qualcomm, Samsung)

They all have to earn something. Microsoft is working to get as much of this roster under its own management as possible, but Valve is doing just as well. Xbox Studios is always breathing down the throats of all parties that don’t.

So if SteamOS runs on ASUS, the gaming market can be controlled by Valve instead of Microsoft. With the difference that Epic, GOG, Ubisoft and others can only launch their own devices with a Linux distribution, because proton Made the big difference.

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