A boy in the US (13 years old) takes over as a bus driver who has become unwell

A boy in the US (13 years old) takes over as a bus driver who has become unwell

The incident occurred on Wednesday in Warren, a city of 140,000 residents north of Detroit. The students were being driven home after their school day when the driver became dizzy and passed out.

Collision avoidance

Footage from one of the bus’s security cameras shows Dillon running forward as soon as he sees this happening. The boy brakes the bus and steers it sideways. A city council representative later said that with his intervention, he would have avoided hitting at least one car and a house. See photos here:

You can also see how the driver brings the inhaler to his mouth several times before losing consciousness. After the near death, she was treated by paramedics, who were called after Dillon yelled at fellow students to call 911.

The boy was put in the spotlight a day later during a press conference by the municipality and the school board. “The City of Warren is extremely proud of this young hero. This young man got moving and was able to prevent a tragic accident.”

soaked in attention

Dillon’s mother says her heart skipped a beat when she saw the security camera footage. “I just can’t explain how proud I am of him.” According to his father, Dillon learned how to drive a car because he used to sit on his lap when he drove on country roads. The boy is also sometimes allowed to park a car in the driveway and be an “experienced” driver of golf carts.

His mom wrote on Facebook that Dillon is a little overwhelmed with all the attention. She tells him to leave him alone and says he would like to tell his story “when he’s ready”.

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