June 8, 2023

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“Russia is looking for Syrian fighters” • Zelensky criticizes the West

“Russia is looking for Syrian fighters” • Zelensky criticizes the West

President Zelensky expressed himself in a video on Facebook He criticizes his Western allies. “Tomorrow, Russia announced the bombing of our territory,” he said, referring to Russia’s warning to attack Ukrainian military complexes. “I have not heard any world leader respond to this. Not a single word, as if Western leaders have come together tonight.” According to the president, thousands of people work in military complexes and hundreds of thousands more live nearby. He said that the attack on the complexes is therefore tantamount to murder. “Premeditation”.

According to Zelensky, the West should respond more forcefully to these types of advance notice, for example by imposing additional sanctions. “The brutality of the aggressor is a clear signal to the West that sanctions against Russia are not enough.”

Zelensky says that all of Russia’s actions against the people of Ukraine have not been forgotten. “God does not forgive. Not today, not tomorrow. Never.” Ukraine’s president wants to create a court to try those guilty of crimes.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced an attack on military factories in Ukraine on Sunday, the Associated Press reported. Factory workers were urged not to come to work.

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