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Apple is working on a paid health coach that will use AI data and the Apple Watch to create training programs for users, Bloomberg reports. In addition, the Apple Health app may come to the iPad with the introduction of iPadOS 17.

The AI ​​health coach is internally called Quartz, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman writes, which is famous for its good resources at Apple. The service aims to motivate users to exercise, improve eating habits and help them sleep better, according to informed sources told the news agency. The so-called service uses artificial intelligence and data from the Apple Watch to create personalized training programs for specific users.

The service is scheduled to start next year, but it could also be delayed or canceled, according to Gorman. Several teams within Apple are working on the project, including the team responsible for the Health app and Siri, and the Apple team for artificial intelligence. Apple will charge a monthly fee for Quartz, which should be available as a separate app.

In the shorter term, Apple will make its Health app available for iPads. That should happen with iPadOS 17, which is expected to be introduced in June and will be released at the end of this year. With the iPad version of the app, users can view ECG results from their Apple Watch in a larger format, among other things.

Later this year, Gorman says features will also be added to the Health app to track emotions and “manage visual disorders,” such as nearsightedness. In its first version, users could record their moods, answer questions about their day, and compare results over time. In time, Apple hopes the iPhone can use algorithms to determine a user’s mood based on speech, written words, and other data.

The new iPad app and sentiment tracking features will be announced at Apple’s WWDC developer conference, according to Gurman’s sources. It will be held at the beginning of June. The Quartz AI training service will not be announced at that time.

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