As a 9-year-old girl, Cécile was allowed to sing for Willem-Alexander and Maxima

Cecile Pieterse (eigen foto).

Cecile Peters from Roosendaal was nine years old when, in June 2013, she led a children’s choir to sing a special song for King Willem-Alexander. “As I got older, I loved being able to lead the way.”

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Since his accession as king, Willem-Alexander has visited Brabant dozens of times. Countless times he has been addressed by distinguished persons or by ‘ordinary’ Brabanders. Several of his companions also sang for him.

The royal couple were in Roosendaal a few months after the coronation. A song was written especially for the occasion for the SuiteKids Children’s Choir: “Cadans van de stad”. Cecile was also a member of that choir. She was asked if she wanted to lead the way to the platform where Willem-Alexander and Máxima were waiting for them.

Cecile directs the SuiteKids Children's Choir (Photo: Omroep Brabant).
Cecile directs the SuiteKids Children’s Choir (Photo: Omroep Brabant).

“I thought it was great and I was grateful and proud. Was I nervous? Not real. I just felt healthy nervousness,” she looks back. She already has some experience in public performances. Cecile played the lead role in the musical Alleen op de wereld at the Hofpleintheater. She has been on stage ten times at the local theater De Kring.

Her parents and classmates seemed most impressed by the musical acclaim. This becomes apparent when Cecil is visited by a reporter from Omroep Brabant the next day at De Wingerd Primary School.

“As I got older, I loved being able to drive.”

Cecile is now studying law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and she also lives in that city. Do you ever remember performing it ten years ago? “Sometimes when people googled my name. I don’t think of that much myself, but as I got older, I liked being able to lead the way.”

In 2013, Cecil’s dream was to become a music star. Does the royal visit mean additional support? “No, I stayed with the choir for a few more years and sang the song regularly in coffee shops and at certain events. In the end I didn’t choose a musical career.”

“Of course I still sing sometimes, but usually in the shower. I want to do everything perfectly and not easily get complacent with my own performance.”. I put a lot of pressure on myself and therefore building a career as a singer is difficult.”

“I admire Amalia, she will become a real queen.”

“I think we have a very good King, but my interest is more in Amalia’s life. If you see how she shows herself at this age: she will be a true Queen. Very fine.”

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