RTV Purmerend.nl – Athlete Elaine Mast back in Purmerend: “Very nice experience to study in America”

RTV Purmerend.nl - Athlete Elaine Mast back in Purmerend: "Very nice experience to study in America"

Eileen Mast is one of four Parmerend athletes to study in America. The athlete has been playing for the Huskies, the collective name of Houston Christian University’s sports teams, since last summer. “It’s been a great experience so far,” Mast told Permanent Sport radio.

Her life has changed a lot since she moved to America. “It’s helped me a lot and I’ve gained a lot from it so far. That’s why I’m looking forward to going back again. In the beginning, the language was a barrier. “It was difficult to speak English in the beginning. Luckily it got better and better. My teammates couldn’t understand me at first, but not anymore. No. They accepted me very well and were involved in everything.

The Parmarent girl has also participated in some competitions for her university. “It was also a great experience. There were many different schools and teams involved. These are big tournaments, three hundred participants show up at the start. Then you have a big field and you all go through it.


What’s unique about Mast is that he no longer goes to tournaments on his own. “Running on a team is a lot of fun. And then you can lift each other up. Here you’re wearing all kinds of attributes, and they take it seriously. It gives me a high school musical vibe. At first I had to get used to it, but eventually you get absorbed into it.

28 degrees

Mast returned to Houston on January 14. “I’m looking forward to getting back into the rhythm and seeing people again. It’s hard to say goodbye to everything again, like summer. I will really enjoy the last days in the Netherlands. Although those 28 degrees in Texas are very attractive.

Watch the conversation between Arno van der Breggen and Milton Puss with Elaine Mast below.

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