Purchase sufficient nitrogen rights to obtain a nature permit

Purchase sufficient nitrogen rights to obtain a nature permit


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The Schiphol Group says it has finished buying nitrogen rights from farms near Schiphol Airport and Lelystad Airport. Schiphol believes it has purchased enough rights to obtain nature permits for both airports, a spokesperson confirms after reporting in Norwegian Refugee Council.

Permits have not yet been granted. At the moment Schiphol does not comply with the nitrogen rules and in order to continue to exist the airport needs a nature permit. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Schiphol has not yet submitted all the documents and the application can only be evaluated after it has been completed.

The airport acquired the emission rights of eight livestock breeders and completely bought four agricultural companies in the vicinity of Schiphol and Lelystad. This will require 20 to 25 million euros.


The purchase of farms by businesses and government services is controversial, in part because it will raise prices. A spokesperson for the Schiphol Group told the NRC about the matter: “In our opinion, Schiphol paid a competitive price for the rights. It also involved only a dozen companies. We are now ready; we are no longer entering that market.”

Moreover, a majority in the House of Representatives was approved in December a movement The Cabinet is being asked to stop farmers buying extra nitrogen space for aviation and highways. The Chamber does not want to leave it to the market.

The ministry is working on rules so that the central government can have more control. Until then, nitrogen free trade is possible.

Don’t buy first

It came the day before the proposal was passed through NRC It is reported that the Schiphol Group has purchased nitrogen space growers for both Schiphol Airport and Lelystad Airport.

In 2021, Schiphol indicated that it has no intention of buying farms around the airport. Chief Financial Officer Robert Carso confirmed this in time To dozens of farmers who came to Schiphol from all over the country to take action.

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