Roquan Smith trade rumors: NFL threatens punishment for teams that contact Bears star

Roquan Smith trade rumors: NFL threatens punishment for teams that contact Bears star
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Ruchuan Smith He wants to leave the bears After failed contract talks, but anyone outside of Chicago trying to help the star linebacker obtain his wish faces a potential penalty from the NFL. Although Smith publicly expected a move before the 2022 season, the league reminded teams on Monday that any contact with Smith, or anyone claiming to represent the Pro Bowler, is in vain, According to NFL Mediaand justifies “a discipline stricter than … imposed in previous years.”

The ‘severe’ warning came a week after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was disciplined and criticized dolphins Previous “unauthorized” contacts with Tom Brady and Sean Payton, who were under contract to other teams. It also arrives in a few days ProFootballTalk reported That “the person purporting to represent Smith has contacted other teams in order to gauge potential commercial interest.” Smith himself reportedly failed to obtain the Bears’ permission to explore the trade, even after announcing on social media that he had requested to trade, and he does not currently have an approved NFL agent.

With Smith, who skipped training at Bears training camp, is still under contract until 2022, Chicago doesn’t technically have to allow business talks between the linebacker — or an agent, if officially appointed — and other teams.

Smith previously said he’s been trying to seal a new long-term contract with the Bears since April, but this team “left me no choice but to ask for a deal that would allow me to play for an organization that truly appreciates what he brings to the table.” The 25-year-old former draft pick, who was named eighth overall in 2018, is 9.7 million US dollars In the final year of his rookie deal. Widely considered a cornerstone of Chicago’s defense, he emerges from the 2021 All-Pro season that included 163 action cuts.

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