Rookie Eagles report card from the soccer team win

Rookie Eagles report card from the soccer team win

The Eagles won at Landover and now they are in a playoff! While the win was far from beautiful, it owes a lot to the younger players.

Defonta Smith: B +

DeVonta Smith only had three assists, but his play was greater than the total. Using it to extend the field for much of the game, the Eagles caught the defenses’ attention and opened the short game for Dallas Guedert and Boston Scott. Smith should have landed on a target in the red zone, but the Washington defender’s missed defensive call prevented him from scoring.

The Eagles seemed more focused on targeting Smith in this game than on the big plays, something that affected the game even if Smith’s stats were only modest.

Landon Dickerson: B+

Two weeks after taking the damage, Washington’s defense brought their best into this game. Even with the Washington soccer team’s motive playing, Landon Dickerson’s motives and playing won the day.

Even if the Eagles didn’t publish the flashy quick numbers they were posing, they could still move the ball across the floor at crucial moments. Dickerson was a key part of the team’s rushing effort while also keeping Galen Hurts upright for most of the game.

Milton Williams:

Milton Williams recently made big plays a weekly event. This week, Williams had the awareness of hitting a passing attempt at a crucial moment. It was a smart move for the young apprentice.

Otherwise, Williams continues to impress him as a defender. All and all, an encouraging game despite the limited shots.

Zeke Macpherson: N/A

I didn’t get any time in defense.

Kenneth Jenwell: N/A

I look like I’m a record-breaker, but Kenneth Jenwell’s absence from the squad in this game is baffling. With Miles Sanders out and no Jordan Howard at 100%, you’d think Gainwell would get more touches than the one she holds for four yards. He didn’t even score a goal in the passing game. The Eagles lineup breaks up in a weird way considering how crowded they are in the background and how they want to give all their little receivers time to grow. However, would putting Gainwell there in place of Jalen Reagor put the team in a much worse position? Rigor finished the match with negative total yards and dropped a superb pass from Galen Hurts. They are two different players, but Gainwell can dynamically do what the team wants Rigor to do and perhaps offer more.

a stranger.

Marlon Tuipoloto: N/A

Healthy scratch.

Patrick Johnson: b

Patrick Johnson had a great special team in the tackle and got a few shots in defense. It didn’t have a huge impact overall, but it’s good to see a positive impact for a late starter.

Jacoby Stevens: B

Stevens was active for the first time this season (after being temporarily promoted from the coaching staff), which means every Eagles 2021 test pick has been active at some point this year. Very pleasant. Stevens scored one treatment a day.

Taron Jackson: b

Jackson saw less time than in previous weeks. However, he still makes the most of his shots when he’s on the field.

Jack Stoll: B +

Another hard toy from everyone’s favorite tight end. It’s also worth noting that Stoll did some good work in the passing match as he covered away from Dallas Guedert. Small thing, but UDFA has helped the team in a lot of unseen ways.

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