Rolf Waters after TV flop: ‘That’s how it goes these days, you get fired on the spot’ | TV

Rolf Waters after TV flop: 'That's how it goes these days, you get fired on the spot' |  TV

He says he never wants to use the word comeback, because it “still exists,” but the fact remains that for Rolf Waters – as well as icons like Henny Huisman and Ron Brandsteder, one of the great stars of the ’90s – he has changed the media landscape since his TV break.

in the podcast That’s why I stayed at home! Wouters looks back at his comeback and flops SBS6 split screen that followed. „I’m not an expert in competitions, but the fact of that test was very nice. I was really convinced of that. But in practice, I regretted there was no room to tweak it a little more or do anything more than the test itself. There is a difference between an audition and a TV show that also offers entertainment.”

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“a beautiful sin”

According to Wouters, who said that no evaluation was ever conducted, the program could have been tweaked a bit. “I’m sorry I wasn’t asked beforehand to think about it. Once we got to it, there was no chance to give it another turn either. (…) That’s how it goes these days: something is tried, it doesn’t work and it is thrown out immediately. It’s a shame in some cases. I see it sometimes with other software as well.”

According to the presenter, this is due to the renewed media landscape. “You have to look at the number of people, say, on YouTube or as an influencer who do things their own way and are very successful with it. Just, the medium of TV requires something different. And that’s hard to explain. Sometimes I see things on TV, especially when it comes to entertainment, And I think: It’s too much “formatting on paper. It’s not done by the people who came up with the idea. The people in the picture were brought in separately.”

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“Mr. Wouters”

Waters knows that’s not the case on talk shows. “At least in a good way. Then the personality of the host is everywhere. And the editors will undoubtedly guide, otherwise it won’t work. That’s why Humberto For example is Jenk† While they are sitting, so to speak, at the same table. This is how it should be with entertainment. Paul de Leo is a good example of this, he gives her his autograph. This is very good. And I miss that a lot with the other interchangeable software.”

It was already a showdown when Waters saw himself on TV two years ago. “So I’m afraid of it. Then that young madman was no longer standing there, but suddenly Mr. Waters was standing there.”

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