Amazon Kindle e-readers will have support for EPUB files by the end of 2022 – Tablets and Phones – News

This is possible right Now Al, even in the past few years.

You can rename the .epub file to .png and then mail it to your Kindle address and it will convert just fine. If you name it as epub you will get a message that this format is not supported but if you hack it with another extension it works for years † Basically, the platform only supports it but they don’t want to support it, probably for commercial reasons. This trick works for at least 4 or 5 years.

By the way, I haven’t tried DRMed epubs but I have a bunch of ebubs in my library that I’ve converted this way. You can also convert with Caliber, but the Amazon converter works fine, so I always use it. I do not like the caliber. This can be done a lot, but I find the UI a bit clunky and I often have weird things with conversions like very large line spacing. No doubt it’s a good idea to solve it somewhere in the settings, but I find it very messy.

Oddly enough, it will take until the end of this year to turn off this ban on *.epub † And are ePubs supported with DRM too?

So I have a feeling this has more to do with the phasing out of .mobi because they are now reluctantly starting to support epub, more than there is real work needed to implement and test this. Amazon has always had a “not invented here” kind of hate for EPUB, unfortunately. I suppose for commercial reasons, they don’t want to make it easier to buy books outside of Amazon I think.

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