Robotic lawn mower crushes Sam’s hand: ‘I held it for a turtle’

Robotic lawn mower crushes Sam's hand: 'I held it for a turtle'

The motorized lawn mower ran on the lawn where the children were playing. “Come and walk on my hand, turtle,” Sam said to the machine. He put his left hand flat on the lawn and ran over it with a lawnmower.

His mother rushed towards him, but the damage was already done. “We immediately traveled to the hospital in Weert. Fortunately, he was able to receive strong medication to sedate him,” Joske told EditieNL. His left hand looked shattered. Bones and Tendons: Everything Shattered.


He had to go to a plastic surgeon, who operated on him for 2.5 hours to fix it. “The moment in the waiting room was very scary. Before that, they thought it would take 1.5 hours, so I was worried when he was long gone.” After the operation, the question was how she would recover. “The plastic surgeon said he had never tested this before, so he didn’t know how it would go,” Josky said.

After the surgery, Sam had to undergo a comprehensive hand treatment program. “The fingertips were expected to remain numb, but after a year of treatment and exercises, it seems to be feeling again.”


In general, Sam was very lucky. “Fortunately, he’s still small, so the tendons have grown back. His hand is full of scars, but it’s beautifully sewn. His thumb is still thick, and it’s going to stay that way. That’s because of the crushed tissue. But. Basically he should be able to do all of that.” something again.”

His two brothers also participated in the accident. “They’ve seen everything happen and it has had a huge impact on them. His twin brother feels very attached to Sam, and he’s had nightmares about it and he has to vomit.”


Joske wants to warn other parents of young children about the danger, especially now that so many people are in the park with nice weather. “Kids find a robotic lawn mower very interesting, but if you don’t pay attention for a moment, there is a hand or a foot under it. Such a thing doesn’t stop automatically, it only does if you kick it hard or if it hits a pole that crashes.

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