May 28, 2023

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Robin Martins thinks the "beaten" police officer is a man

Robin Martins thinks the “beaten” police officer is a man

In September 2019, the previous credibility was discredited. She was accused of assaulting a police officer. She was sentenced to 45 hours of community service. Robin, who had never communicated with the police even before the accident, would have never imagined that she would experience such a thing. According to her, the corruption that you see in films or series is also in the Netherlands.

“There are bad people in this world and this policeman is one of them. I dare say that if you lie, I beat you eight times. And if you claim that you were lying on the ground, while this is not the case at all there were many witnesses, but seven Some of them were police officers.

Robin says her “eyes have opened” and she has hardly followed up on any news since the accident. “After the incident was reported in the press, I got all kinds of private messages saying I had to die and that I was a savior,” she says.

“I almost made the wrong decision at the time. I didn’t want to anymore. I locked myself in my house for a month because I didn’t dare go out. I was afraid people would see me as ‘that abusive cop. I climbed out of that deep ravine with so much difficulty'” .

You can read the full interview with Robin Martens in the latest edition of Gorgeous Mama.

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