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A group of fans are working on a kart game based on the From Software title Bloodborne. It’s a fan project for the team behind the previously released “demake” for Bloodborne, which was recently rolled out for PC.

Developer Lilith Walker Announcing the Bloodborne Kart He participates in a short trailer that includes a file Fisher man He can be seen walking towards a Victorian looking motorcycle. She shares few details, but is already posting music for the gameMade by The Noble Demon.

The Bloodborne kart doesn’t quite come out of nowhere; It started as an April Fools joke. Walker participated in a big party, PlayStation 1-esque “demake” from Bloodborne† Last year, she joked on April 1st that Bloodborne would be repealed. Instead, the development team will focus on the kart game Bloodborne. She also shared screenshots of Bloodborne Kart, where two hunters participated in the Pthumerian Cup. The two racers tore through the streets of Yarnham, collecting items along the way. The gameplay included Cleric Beast in a certain part of the track.

After an April Fools’ Day joke he hasn’t heard of the racing game for almost a year, but now Bloodborne is nearly two months away out for computer, Walker points out that Bloodborne Kart will in fact be a game. She wrote that the game will be released “as soon as it is finished”.

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