Robert Salih calls Gates a ‘dog…’ as Zack Wilson downplays his struggles in losing to the Patriots

Robert Salih calls Gates a 'dog...' as Zack Wilson downplays his struggles in losing to the Patriots

The Planes Entered Sunday’s rematch with Patriots as one of the NFL’s 10 worst offenses, but even they couldn’t match their low standards in New England. With a total of just 103 yards, with six first downs and one three-point touchdown, New York fell to 6-4 thanks to a 10-3 loss in Week 11. Asked afterward about quarterback Zack Wilson and the offense’s inability to capitalize on a “fantastic” outing from defense, Coach Robert Saleh It was rudeness“It was filthy to the dogs,” he told reporters.

Wilson, in particular, turned in one of his least productive runs of the season, which is saying something considering the 2021 first-round pick who went into Sunday as one of the NFL’s least proficient rookies. The QB went 9 of 22 for 75 yards, averaging 3.5 yards per attempt, with no touchdowns and almost an interception on a key third down. The Jets finished last with more touchdowns (10) than Wilson completed passes, and the signal caller has now thrown four TDs and five picks in seven games.

However, Wilson wasn’t nearly as concerned about the inefficiency of the Jets’ offense after Sunday’s loss to the Patriots. When asked if he felt like letting the New York defense fall after that unit allowed only three points (New England’s only came on special teams), Wilson answered quickly Dismissing the reporters, he shakes his head as he does so: “No.”

Freshman receiver Garrett Wilson offered his own pitch that seemed to go along with his head coach.

“This shit ain’t right. Straight, it ain’t right. How many total yards do we have (103)? This shit ain’t gonna fly. We got the guys. Time to be consistent. Time to win games we gotta win.”

The Jets will get their chance to do so in Week 12 vs bear (3-8) who have fallen on hawk Sunday.

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