Rob Gronkowski: Leonard Fortnite shot us in the first half

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts

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running back Leonard Fortnite He played a big role in the Buccaneers’ victory on Sunday and his influence far exceeded the four touches he scored during the afternoon.

The Colts had a 24-14 lead at the end of the first half, and the Bucs needed to rally to avoid losing the fourth road of the 2021 season. According to the Bucs players, Fournette helped ignite that rally with a first-half speech.

Fortnite said the “energy waned” around the team and sent the message that “you have to fight, in every game” to win. safety Antoine Winfield Jr. He reminded the team that they “control our destiny” and the midfielder, said Fortnite Tom Brady He said Fortnite’s words were “huge” for the team. tight end Rob Gronkowski Note that the play on Fortnite backed up everything he said.

“It was excellent. It got everyone excited,” Gronkowski said, via’s Jenna Lynn. “He went in there and supported her as well, and that just shows how much we respect Lenny. It felt like we were flat in the first half. The energy wasn’t there. In the second half we just went out and played as a team – offensively, defensively – the defense was making turnovers, we were scoring, Lenny. He was running the ball amazing, and we stopped together as well. And to have a win on the road like that – that was a super win.”

The win took the Bucs a step closer to playing actual playoffs and Fournette was the team’s driving force both on and off the field on Sunday.

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