February 7, 2023

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Rob Bolland does not exchange 'more word' with Ferdi after fight over Best Singers |  Currently

Rob Bolland does not exchange ‘more word’ with Ferdi after fight over Best Singers | Currently

A reunion between the Boland brothers does not appear to be possible at the moment. Rob and Verdi got into an argument over Falco-The music they worked on together recently about participating in the TV show Dear singersWhich Verdi will participate in next season.

In an interview with devotion He tells Rob on Saturday that that last incident was the last straw.

67-year-old Rob, who was told two years ago that he Incurable disease he is.

“We’ve just been reunited because of my cancer, after twenty years of bickering over square centimeters, but it seems like the time to say: Enough is enough.”

Dear singers reject Rob because he is sick

surrounding issue Dear singers It revolves around the fact that Rob (on the photo on the right) was not asked as a participant in the program and so was his brother. Rob was also eager to get involved and suggested last month that he was turned down by the show makers because he was sick.

According to Verdi, there was no doubt that they would be on the show together. Aphrotros also stated earlier that his illness was “not discussed” when assessing whether he could participate. “He was never asked, so we didn’t discuss it,” the radio said.

Rob remains the opposite The password That the show’s producer had “literally” told him that he was not terminally ill Dear singers-Bank.” That’s just Verdi asked and then he didn’t say anything about it to his brother, he stabbed Rob.

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