Risk taking Georgina severely punished in the perfect picture

Risk taking Georgina severely punished in the perfect picture

For the first task, the finalists are asked to take an exciting photo of the kite surfer. Of course they have to do it while the glider is – yes – windsurfing. For Georgina, Patrick and Frits, this means that they also have to go into the water themselves.

Swimming with a camera can be very challenging. Georgina, in particular, struggled to stay focused and really wrap around filming. She said several times, “I have no idea what to do.” In the video below you can see Georgina’s struggle.

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In all, the actress took 1,100 sloppy photos, the vast majority of which are unusable. “I have six that I can use,” she says. Then I decided to take a big risk, which is actually mainly showing water and clouds, instead of kite surfing. Argument trying to convince jurors William Rutten and Cynthia Paul. “I think it’s the most beautiful picture I’ve taken so far,” Georgina said.

Unfortunately for her, words don’t help her get a high score. William and Cynthia were not at all impressed by the image that Georgina provided. “He’s my art,” William begins. Then Cynthia said, “What is that?” They also do not like clouds in the photo. “Besides, this is not just the job.”

The photo was eventually rated a five. Unsatisfactory result for Georgina. “That’s how it goes when you take a risk,” Georgina responds sportily. “You hit it or it missed it. I’m still behind it.”

In the online series Behind the perfect picture We talk to program dropouts. In the video below, Yovat, who had to pack his bags in the semi-finals, talks about his adventure.

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