Meta Zeewolde data center will create fewer jobs than other data centers – IT Pro – News

Which is still 5 times this.

And perhaps most interestingly, how does that compare to the farms he’s pushing outside of that area?

What does it have to do with the carbon dioxide tax? Considering that the average farm in Flevopolder is full of huge windmills.

I think it would be a good thing if we put these kinds of options in a slightly broader perspective of jobs per acre. And specifically in that, what we want the Netherlands economy to look like.

Perhaps this residual water heat can be used to replace gas-fired central heating boilers. However, it must be done, highly demanded and included in the investment profile (both by the party generating and the party that has to do the rest of the infrastructure).

A cluster of apartments (or even homes) on top of this data center can make a cheap contribution to solving the housing shortage. There is also, yes, it is a pity that the data center is then built at a much more expensive – although home sales also make money – but it helps to organize our economy in a broader way.

Who knows, lower posts per hectare may be a very good solution.

It is this myopia, in particular, that I am so tired of.

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