February 7, 2023

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Riot Games will hear voice communications in Valorant in the event of ‘disruptive behaviour’ – Gaming – News

What is probably normal is in the EULA or the terms of use that you agreed to before playing the game. The fact that no one reads it before accepting it does not mean that you do not agree with it. You also need to be able to appreciate a little about what is acceptable and what is not. I know this is (very) hard for some people, but if they aren’t pointed out, they won’t learn. †

Of course, it remains the case that not every violation immediately receives a penalty, or receives the same penalty as the other one.

Of course it remains difficult. Who decides what can and cannot be tolerated and when? This also means that the moderation process cannot be done 100% correctly, because one moderator will keep things longer than the other. Also depending on the situation.

I find it even more disturbing that everyone is complaining about the fact that they may end up getting banned for their current behaviour. Unacceptable behavior in fact, but it has not been modified before. Because even though the maximum gaming age is 12 or 16, we all know that in most cases it is not enforced. And yes, then, there is also parental responsibility, but until then, such a classification is made based on what is at stake. Otherwise, any game with an open communication option, via text or voice, should be rated at 18+, because in principle anyone can say anything about it.

Today, we also evaluate people retrospectively based on today’s criteria. “Oh you said something 15 years ago? Then we condemn you now because we don’t think it’s acceptable now.” I’m not saying games will go that fast, but I’m not saying never never.

This is indeed a major “disadvantage” of the fact that everything you say or post on the Internet can always be found. Especially in puberty when you are able to develop everything. You should not be able to pay for it later. Although I don’t think this is part of this discussion.

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