Riders Union on American Cyclocross Ride: “Does That Cost End With Rider”

Riders Union on American Cyclocross Ride: "Does That Cost End With Rider"

The Riders’ Union on the American Cyclo-Cross Tour: “Does That Cost Movie End With Rider?”


About 5,000 euros. How much does a trip to the United States cost for cyclocross riders. You have to pay out of your own pocket and not have enough prize money – especially in the second and third row. Riders Union United players are anxious and alert. “Riders and riders are employees, employees. They have to accept the costs that arise from the duty of working.

Mark Leroy National Responsibility for the Belgian Cyclists Association United AthletesFormer Sporta. In conversation with Cycling flash At the Cyclo-Cross World Cup he expresses his concern about issues related to foreign movements. “Look, every employee who has to go abroad for his job will see his expenses reimbursed. On the contrary, he cannot have the intention of spending money on it.

That move, for example, is because the United States is almost mandatory (read: necessary) because important points must be earned in both the World Cup and the UCI rankings. Globalization is good, but Ryder can not afford it himself, “Leroy continues.

So Leroy wants to consult with the parties involved soon. “United athletes represent 90 per cent of Cyclocross Pelottan’s interests. With this compensation, teams can meet their riders’ costs.If there is reluctance, teams can put pressure on them.But again, I would like to consult with the riders first.

Riders are still waiting for the prize money from WB Zeven 2017

Surprisingly, United athletes have yet to settle for a trophy since 2017. The Raiders, who took part in the World Cup in Seven, Germany, are still waiting for their prize money. “The organizer is bankrupt. Usually the prize money (around 40 40,000 for men only) is insured with a bank guarantee at UCI, but there is none,” says Leroy. “However, UCI says it is not involved and buries its head in the sand. The file is stuck.”

Van Airt won the 2017 World Cup in seven – Photo: Core Voss © 2017

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