Putin on the gas crisis: Europe’s role

Putin on the gas crisis: Europe's role

Figures indicate that Russian gas exports have not been so low in the past five years. Critics say Moscow is restricting supplies in order to quickly get approval for the new and controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which runs through the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany.

The president said the country has always fulfilled its contractual obligations to supply gas to Europe, even during the Cold War. Indeed, according to Putin, Russia is currently supplying more gas than it would have initially supplied.

Putin did not fail to mention Nord Stream 2, says correspondent Geert Grote Korkamp. He said that if the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline were to operate at full capacity, Russia would be able to supply more than enough gas, which in turn signals an escalation of pressure on the operation of Nord Stream 2. Essentially Putin says: The ball is on tight.

Less fossil energy

The Russian president said the blame for rising gas prices in Europe should not be shifted. He noted, among other things, the declining energy productivity of wind farms and the declining sources of fossil energy in Europe.

A Kremlin spokesman said earlier today that Russia’s state gas group Gazprom is already supplying Europe with the maximum amount of gas. He adds that if more is required to be delivered, it will have to be negotiated again.

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