Richard Grunendyk celebrates his fiftieth birthday: “What more could a person want?” | backbit

Richard Grunendyk celebrates his fiftieth birthday: "What more could a person want?"  |  backbit

Richard Grunendyk looks back at “A Wonderful Life” Saturday on his 50th birthday. In a message on Instagram, the comedian wrote that although he takes things easy on the same day, he feels blessed by all the highlights in his life.

“Of course, there are some strong lows, but they can’t be overshadowed by the highs. I’ve been blessed with the sweetest husband, the kindest parents, great friends, and loyal fans, and I’ve been able to make my hobby my job. What more could anyone want? It’s A wonderful life!”, he writes with a photo in which he holds two gold balloons in the form of 5 and 0 in his hands.

He wrote that no big party would be celebrated on Saturday, but that it would be different on Sunday. “Today I’m taking it easy. Coming home for coffee and cake with Mum and Dad. But tomorrow and for the first time in my life I’m going to have a party at my very own place and I’m looking forward to it! Thank you everyone for all the nice congratulations and I’m entering a new decade with great enthusiasm and good courage.. !”

Groenendijk recently gave a great interview in the magazine winq On the occasion of his fiftieth birthday. He stated that he was not afraid of getting old.

However, Groenendyk still has some time to go, he thinks. Another fifteen years, by then he will be 65 and it’s time to think about retirement. “Everyone should do what feels right, but I don’t think I’m seventy still declaring the truth with confidence.” Andre van Doyen, who switched to more serious roles at the age of 70, is also a great example for Groenendijk in this regard.

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