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Pictures of Apple A16 soc have appeared. The L2 cache for the performance cores will be 16MB, which is 33 percent more than the A15’s. The system-wide cache for soc will be 24MB, while it’s still 32MB with A15-soc.

Technology Website Editors Angistronomy saw Channel video on Twitter It appears to contain, in its own words, Apple’s A16 soc. The editors then performed their own template analysis of the chip by comparing its architecture with the A15-soc.

According to Angstronomy, this architecture has remained largely the same, but according to the editors, there are some differences. Angstromics states that the L2 cache of the so-called highefficiency nuclei On the A16 it remained the same with 4 megabytes. L2 cache for the so-called high performance nuclei It would be 16 MB instead of 12 MB with A15. With the A14, the L2 cache was still 8MB.

He. She System level cache is 24 megabytes according to Angstronomics, while that in A15 32 megabytes. With the A14, the size of this memory was 16MB. Apple had also switched to Lpddr5-6400 memory with the A16 instead of using lpddr4x-4266 memory for a longer time. This is in line with Previous leaks on the A16. The A16 will be slightly larger than the A15, but Angstronomics cannot give exact dimensions.

Apple introduced the A16 soc early September at his iPhone event. The portable soc is only used for the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Slices are baked using TSMC’s proprietary N4P process. This is an improved version of the 5 nm process in which A15 is baked. A16 contains two highOffers cores and four highefficiency essence. The highOffers nuclei Will be According to Apple Use 20 percent less power compared to the A15. However, Apple did not provide a direct performance comparison with the A15.

Modernization14:20: Additional information about A16 has been added in the last paragraph.

Analysis of the Apple A16-soc (left) vs. the Apple A15-soc (right)

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