Review: iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. A step forward, right?

Review: iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max.  A step forward, right?

an introduction

You can set your clock so that the birthday is on December 25 and 26 and the end of the year is December 31. The apple is also a creature of habit. It always introduces its new high-end phones in September. This is also the case this year; The iPhone 14 series was recently introduced.

We started working with iPhone 14, 14 Pro and Pro Max. You have to wait a little longer for the 14 Plus, because this model will only be delivered in October. Apple phones always know how to loosen the tabs. Not only is this the case once they are in the store, but also before they go on sale. There are persistent rumors about the supply of spare parts, the possible design and sale.

On the left is the iPhone 14, in the middle is the Pro Max and on the right is the Pro.

Apple charts its own course. The company is crooked but very successful. Despite their high prices and the brand’s ecosystem, they are often found in the upper echelons of sales figures. Used iPhones are often worth the money. This is partly because you can count on updates for longer than most Android phones. So if you don’t necessarily want the best camera and performance, an old phone from Apple could be an interesting option.

Let’s be honest about it: one person loves these devices, and another will make great efforts not to hide his dislike. We like to stick to the facts here. The fact is that the price of the new iPhone 14 starts at more than a thousand euros. The most luxurious version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs more than double. Whichever way you look at it, that’s a very large amount of money. For the same amount you can buy a very nice laptop or other nice things.

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