Review: Apple iPad Air (2022): No Air, but Pro Light

Review: Apple iPad Air (2022): No Air, but Pro Light


The Apple iPad is the most successful tablet and it still is. The company’s program now includes a large family. The standard iPad is the “entry model” and there are also iPad Mini, Air, and Luxury Pro models. The iPad Air has just been replaced with a new model and we’ve just started working on it.

Air is not very thin and light, if you compare it with other tablets of this brand.

The iPad Air was once introduced as a lightweight alternative to the regular iPad. The weight difference has become minimal in recent years. The regular iPad weighs 487 grams, and the new Air is just 26 grams lighter. The 11-inch version of the Pro is 5 grams heavier than Air. So it looks like the name doesn’t fit the product anymore. It is also remarkable that the 11-inch version of the Pro is thinner than the Air. This tablet is 5.9mm thick, Air is 0.2mm thick, and the regular iPad measures 7.5mm. The smaller iPad Mini is a lot lighter. It weighs 293 grams and is 6.3 mm thick.

The new Air has the same “straight” design that you also see with the current iPad Mini and iPhone 13. In this respect, the model fits perfectly with the brand’s current design language. It is noticeable that Apple has almost said goodbye to Lightning connectivity for iPads with the arrival of the new Air. Except for iPhones, you’ll only find it on your regular iPad. The rest of the iPad family offers a USB-C port. Professionals own Thunderbolt, iPad Air, and Mini USB-C based on USB 3. This is very useful, as it means that you can also connect other peripherals – such as keyboards, USB sticks, or external hard drives – without much hassle. IPAD.

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