February 7, 2023

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Retired King Juan Carlos visits his family in Madrid after two years of "exile" |  show

Retired King Juan Carlos visits his family in Madrid after two years of “exile” | show

The abdicated king Juan Carlos who secretly left Spain in 2020 did After nearly two years He visited his family for the first time in Madrid. Spanish media reported that the man spent 11 hours in Zarzuela Palace, north of the Spanish capital.

There, Juan Carlos saw his son, King Felipe VI, and his wife Sophia. In an official statement, the palace spoke of a “family gathering in the private sphere.”

Juan Carlos (84) left at the beginning of August 2020. He voluntarily went into exile in the UAE after losing his credibility due to unclear financial dealings. The former king said he had returned to Spain to “normalize everything”. He plans to visit Spain again in a few weeks and hopes it will attract less interest from politicians and the media.

Five-day visit Wednesday started in GaliciaAccording to Spanish media, the arrangement could have been done with difficulty and through long negotiations. It also created tensions between the former king and his son Felipe and between the government and the royal family. An estimated 300 people in Madrid protested on Sunday against the visit of Juan Carlos, demanding his trial.

Juan Carlos ruled Spain from 1975 to 2014. He officially retired as head of state for health reasons, but kept his title.