China’s play with fire ‘after Biden’s promise to Taiwan | Now

China's play with fire 'after Biden's promise to Taiwan |  Now

The United States is playing with fire, and China warns in response to the unusually strong US message that Washington is ready to use force to defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression. The Americans are “pulling the Taiwanese card to control China,” but the government in Beijing said they would burn themselves out.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden reiterated that the United States was ready to use force to defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression. The president said this was a promise made to him by the United States. He has repeatedly said the same thing since last October.

Biden released his statements in response to recent Chinese military exercises. For example, Chinese planes recently flew near Taiwan and the military conducted an exercise near that country.

Shortly after the president spoke, Biden’s spokesman cut short his strike words. The United States is said to be committed to providing military support for Taiwan to defend itself.

Taiwan is pleased with Biden’s statements

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry welcomed Biden’s support. Taiwan, along with Japan and the United States, says it will continue to invest heavily in the military to guarantee the island’s security.

Communist China does not recognize Taiwan as a separate country, but sees it as part of China. In 1949, Chinese leaders expelled by the Communists fled to the island, where they established the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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