Representative Nilufer Gundogan files a brief lawsuit against the Volt | the interior

Representative Nilufer Gundogan files a brief lawsuit against the Volt |  the interior

The report said the summary proceedings will take place on February 28 in Amsterdam. The bets will include that the “suspension” notified by Volt Gundogan on February 13 should be rescinded and rescinded, with a claim for compensation and a request for temporary compensation.”

According to Knoops’ lawyer, Gündoğan regrets that he had to come this far. Because it has given Volt the opportunity several times in recent days to settle the situation amicably. Unfortunately, to date, no satisfactory solution has been found for her.

The Volt did not raise the smoke curtain until this week in an attempt to provide more clarity on the Gundogan Gate. Party leader Lawrence Dassen remains unable to comment on the nature of the allegations against suspended party member Gundogan on Tuesday.

Gundoğan was suspended by her party on Sunday for her infringing behaviour. She is still a member of Parliament, but at the insistence of her party, he does not participate in the debates and does not appear in the media. The nature of the allegations makes the party uncertain. According to Wohlt, this is necessary to create a safe environment for journalists.

“It regrets that Nilufer Gundogan is not cooperating with the investigation, but rather expresses himself through the media,” Wohlt said in response. According to the party, Gundogan would not have accepted invitations to discuss complaints about it. The party still does not want to say more about what exactly the complaints are.

The party states that Gundogan is not telling the truth. “Nilufer Gundogan talks in De Volkskrant about one complaint, but it turns out that there are several reports coming from different layers of the party.”

There is another criticism in Volt’s response. Nilufer Gundogan also says that Wohlt refuses to explain why she was suspended. this is not true. Last Sunday, it was indicated that these were reports of misconduct, and it was announced that an independent investigative agency would contact them on Monday to report and enforce adversarial procedures.”

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