Rene Froger hopes the sons will outpace his success: ‘But it’s not a competition’ | stars

Rene Froger hopes the sons will outpace his success: 'But it's not a competition' |  stars

“Danny has been singing for a long time. Didier also started, he started rapping. Maxim has just released his first single,” says Froger on Saturday The password. „I hope they outperform me, only times are very different, there are a lot more shows than when I started. In my time you had Het Parool, De Telegraaf, Panorama, Nederland 1, 2, 3. If you can see it with your head there, you know it’s going to hit the audience.”

The singer says that his successes in the 90s are almost impossible to achieve. I sold 600,000 or 700,000 CDs annually. This no longer exists. In 1994 and 1995 565,000 concert tickets were sold. Twice De Kuip, ten times Ahoy and another round the halls with at least 5,000 seats.” He says his sons shouldn’t be afraid of this. “It’s not a competition, we know it from each other.”

The text continues below the video. Video: Journalist Jordi Verstigden recently gave a candid double interview with Rene and his son Maxim.

The success must also grow, says de Frog, who will be giving a concert on August 5 at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. “My kids are musicians, they’ve learned that. The important thing is that they are happy and that doesn’t measure success. Success didn’t come right away for me either. It took years. I had luggage, I’ve been in the business for ten years. It wasn’t like I dropped out of school. I scored a hit right away.”

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