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A US Senate committee that oversees defense budgets has decided that Microsoft and the US military will get less money to develop HoloLens by 2023. The committee is concerned about ongoing problems.

will problems According to Bloomberg Software, hardware, and user approval has not been satisfactorily resolved, according to the Provisions Defense Subcommittee. As a result, Microsoft and the US military will give only $50 million instead of the $400 million that was required for 2023. With this decision, the Senate committee approved the statements of another US House of Representatives committee in June of this year. General has expressed concerns about the feasibility of the project.

Microsoft is gone in 2018 It has partnered with the US Army to develop 100,000 modified versions of AR goggles, the HoloLens headset, for $480 million. The modified version of the AR headset has been named the Integrated Visual Enhancement System within the US Army, and is intended, among other things, to increase the environmental awareness of US forces. The headset uses the night vision and thermal vision function for this. The sensors should also make it possible to better estimate the health of other soldiers.

In February 2019 Wrote Several Microsoft employees sent an open letter demanding that the project be discontinued. This did not happen. A few weeks after the open letter Microsoft and the US military announced The two parties signed a 10-year contract worth $21.88 billion to produce 120,000 modified versions of the HoloLens 2.

Integrated optical zoom system

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