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I very quickly get earaches, feel tight or irritated if the ear is too far or do I know a lot about what my ear canal can’t handle, like new Sony headphones, which I get from the ear, do the ear tips comply, the compliance is good, but they break and the price is ridiculous , 10 euros off and they’ll make more profit, but hey, the standard I have to have and I’ll get Earwings after all the measures and weights, Standard, Sony, they don’t, at Apple too they’ve never been worn or listened to, you’ll find a lot of those wings on AliExpress … So ear wings, 1. Not feeling like your ear is about to fall off, whether if that’s really the case or if you think it isn’t, the second is actually worse because you’re imagining it… 2. Ease a little bit of pressure IN-EAR, which I have carefully inserted, IN-EARS that can be inserted very deep, what kind of you do you don’t have a bulky ear canal, you don’t have to stretch it in, and if they go too deep, guess what, then your size is silicone or leather or Do I know a lot about the thing it’s made of, even if it’s a piece of my ass… ra idea Good per se or not? haha then let your buddy listen, you squish my ass…why? Ah, these tips, they came from my ass. Well move along. 3. No earache or you do something wrong again, at least you get earache, and I shouldn’t put shells around my ears, how ridiculous that sounds then… 4. euhm, Iphone hater here. …even if they’re good, I’d rather smash them to shreds than that filthy company and excuse me, 9/10 of Belgians who own an Iphone are an arrogant, self-confident idiot who pays a lot for something that should come standard with a power bank. stupid answer, usually an Iphone, it’s all here in Belgium, sorry for the exceptions among you. 5. SOUNDCORE aka ANKER, Soundcore Liberty Pro 3, by offer -50 from 120 euros, LDAC, LHDC, AAC for iphoners, Adaptive Noise Canceling, HEARID, Perfectly adapted to your ears, so hide a wing or tip, and re-test, because Noise canceling is an internal noise test and adaptable to me, it adapts to the environment and not Sony where you have to adjust whatever your ears have to do in every situation, and that’s not adaptable…I know a lot, it’s okay in some situations, but If you want noise cancellation, you don’t want to hear anything from someone else, right? Because the normal and perimeter are also… 6, yes, you heard right, 6 different tips with 6 different wings, and if you don’t find a suitable fit for them, because my 1 ear has a different tip size than the other wings, and sometimes also different. And on the Oppo find x 5 lite, everything is set to the highest level in the developer options, so LDAC, but this encoding does not mean that your device or your headphones can use the highest cases. The only reason I wear underwear is for comfort, warmer in winter, and in summer to sweat with headphones on. And if no one cares about her for that day anymore, then either, or it hasn’t rained yet… Voila…

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