BBC pays compensation to security guard brother Diana | The media

BBC pays compensation to security guard brother Diana |  The media

The BBC has reached a settlement over the controversial way in which journalist Martin Bashir was able to arrange an interview with Diana in 1995. The compensation is paid to the former head of security for Princess Diana’s brother. His bank statement was falsified to interview the princess.

The former security chief, formerly known as Alan Waller but now known as Alan Kuznetsov, says he suffered economic damage because his name is linked to the scandal.

Last year, the BBC investigated the circumstances surrounding the interview. The radio concluded that a “cover-up” had taken place at the time the interview was arranged by providing “false information” to Diana.

The BBC said in a statement on Tuesday: “The BBC has agreed to pay agreed compensation to Mr. Waller, and apologizes to him for the false information contained in the fraudulent bank statements that were used to complete a 1995 interview with Princess Diana of Wales.”

After Lord Dyson’s report was published last year, the BBC offered a “frank apology” for how the interview was conducted. Since the investigation, the BBC has already awarded compensation Pay to different parties.

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