Renderings Unannounced Motorola Razr With Smaller External Display – Tablets, Phones – News

Renders of what will become the Motorola razr Lite, or at least one of Lenovo’s foldable phones, have surfaced. The Razr has a small screen on the front, as seen on the screen.

There are not many other details MySmartPrice reports Based on information from OnLeaks. The renderings are not from CAD drawings, but are made from fuzzy images of a real prototype. That is why the article does not mention information about formatting, for example, which is usually the case.

From the outside, two cameras appear, next to which is a screen to display the time. This is a much smaller cover screen than in previous Razr offerings. Lenovo would like to launch two foldable phones under its Motorola brand name this year. Cheaper razr Lite or simply razr and razr + more expensive.

Reducing the cover screen could reduce production costs, in order to possibly bring the phone to the market at a lower price than achieved so far. Manufacturers often make phones cheaper by using cheaper socs, downgrading cameras and saving memory and storage, for example. Nothing is known about the razr Lite’s specifications or when it should be released.

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