Renault 8 has a very long life

Renault 8 has a very long life

In each issue of Autovisie, we delve into the history of our cover. Sixty years ago, the Renault 8 was in the spotlight.

With the exception of a few distinctive German sports cars and small city cars, “engine in the rear” has been out of favor for decades. However, in 1962, this configuration is still commonly used, especially for compact family cars. The Renault 8 cover model is the latest addition to this crowded category and should compete with the new Simca 1000 as well, exactly ten years after the Autovisie cover model. This says something about the shelf life; Back then, models last longer than in our current neglected society.

Tipo 103

The R8 looks modern and elegant inside and out, but is also somewhat generic. Rumors that a dead car from Alfa Romeo, the Tipo 103, which served as a model for the design, was enhanced, because the Italians also assembled Renault for their own market. Far from being a French Revolution, it is technically based on the enchanting Dauphin and Florid. Notable is the installation of disc brakes throughout and the option to order a three-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

R8 is efficiently set up; Despite the more compact external dimensions of the Dauphine, the designers managed to create a more spacious interior. Under the tailgate we find the largest scoop, the spirited and quiet CléonFonte engine, which will power all types of Renault products for more than 40 years. Talk about a long shelf life. At first, the Beetle measures 956 cm3, but soon follows the 1100 horsepower and the 90 hp 1100 Gordini, which claims one sporting victory after another in the following years.

Giordini Light

Later, the 1300 Gordini with 103 horsepower and the “light Gordini”, the R8 S, had the same look, but without the power. In addition, the R10 appears more luxurious, recognizable by its longer front and rear. Like the Romanian R8 (Dacia 1100), this version was replaced in 1971 by the R12. French production of the R8 ceased in 1973; The last one rolled off the production line at the Spanish FASA in 1976. On the Alps And the R5 Turbos after Renault’s rear-engine exit, until 2014 the current engine Twingo Breathing new life into this concept.

Renault 8

Offer and prices

Just to get straight to the point: Gordinis are outrageously expensive, and the rest are much more affordable. In the Netherlands, the offer is limited. We find 1100 Gordini with a sports history of nearly 28 thousand, and an R10 Major with more than 7000 euros. France is of course the best place to look, but a ton is also needed to get the Gordini restored. The elegant R8s and R10s start at around 5,000 euros and can go up to twice as much. The beautiful Spanish FASA R8 costs 7800 euros, and the R8 S can cost up to 25 miles. Beware of fake Gordinis.

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Renault 8 has a very long life

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