February 7, 2023

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Martin wants to continue in modified form with Hana Van Rosems |  Currently

Martin wants to continue in modified form with Hana Van Rosems | Currently

Martin van Rossum would like to continue the program Here is Van RosemsDespite the death of his sister, his sister. This 78-year-old scientist and TV star said in a conversation on Sunday Radio NPO 1† Martin hosted the popular show with his sister and brother Vincent.

“We would like to continue that,” Van Rossem told broadcaster Ozkan Akyol. “The product too. The dates are planned, the budget is there.” The former professor agrees to slightly modify the format of the program. “If we continue it in the same way, people will surely say: ‘What a pity Sis is no longer with us. And rightly so.”

The plan now is to do something different with the paintings. “That was the only point where we sometimes had problems with each other,” Van Rossem said. “My sister was an art historian. And so I was influenced by the misconceptions that exist in art history about what is beautiful and what is not. Art historians do not know beautiful paintings, they only know interesting paintings.” Van Rossem described this view as a “puppet show”.

Van Rossem describes the impact of his sister’s death as a “disturbing spot”. “It’s a bit like seeing a cyclist fall and slide a long way down the road. It looks awful and hurts a lot no doubt. But they always get back on the bike after: they put a bandage around it.” And they continue to do so. repeatedly.”

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