February 9, 2023

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Remkes has become a "nitrogen broker" between farmers and cabinet

Remkes has become a “nitrogen broker” between farmers and cabinet


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Johann Remix will mediate discussions between farmers and the cabinet about nitrogen plans. The 71-year-old VVD member will begin preparations on July 13 and dialogue will begin in the second half of August, the USDA reports.

“The appointment of an independent mediator is important for getting a better understanding of each other’s concerns and concerns,” the ministry wrote in a tweet. Friday Cabinet announced That there will be a moderator to start the conversation with the farmers. Especially in areas adjacent to nature reserves, many farms will have to close according to the plans of the Cabinet.

VVD member Remkes has a proven track record as a director. He was, for example, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister, Secretary of State, King’s Commissioner, Acting Mayor, and Information Officer. He also chaired the advisory board on nitrogen problems. In this role he expressed Serious criticism in 2020 on the plans of the government at the time.

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Experts point out that mediating the nitrogen problem can have advantages, but so does the cabinetDon’t think lightly† One critical question that arises is what exactly is being brokered, with Prime Minister Rutte saying “we are honest with each other that speed and goals are not up for discussion”.

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