Referees prevent Roberts Dodgers from designating position player

Referees prevent Roberts Dodgers from designating position player

Los Angeles (AFP) – Dodgers coach Dave Roberts was banned from using a center player to lead in the ninth game against the New York Mets on Saturday night, and imposed a rule banning teams from using non-shooters with a deficit of five games or less. .

Roberts said he didn’t realize the rule was in effect after it was initially passed ahead of the 2020 season, then suspended for two years amid rule adjustments prompted by the pandemic.

He said, “It’s a rule that’s clearly in effect for 2022. They were talking about it in 2020. The goal rules were moving a lot. It’s a mistake on my part, but I remember we did it last year. They kind of had to consult to make sure that was the case. They Get it right, rulers.”

With Los Angeles trailing 9-4, Roberts sent companion Zach McKinstry up the hill to start the ninth round, but was stopped by the judges. A prolonged delay and discussion ensued, and the governors used headphones to discuss the situation with officials in New York.

Crew chief C.B. Bucknor announced that McKinstry would not be allowed to throw, and right-handed Evan Phillips began warming up in the Dodgers’ fold.

Roberts concluded that Mets manager Buck Showalter demanded that the rule be enforced, but Showalter said the governors acted without his interference.

“I looked at the scoreboard and thought I had something wrong,” Showalter said. “Nine minus four, what’s more?”

When the umpires indicated that Phillips needed to move his warm-up throws to the game pile, Bullpen coach Josh Bard ran off the field and shouted that Phillips wasn’t ready. Phillips was given unlimited time to warm up, and the delay lasted about 11 minutes in total.

Showalter shook his head repeatedly and walked into the visiting bunker during the delay. He walked into the field to get an explanation from the stewards after Beknor’s announcement, but later said he wasn’t bothered giving Phillips full time to loosen up.

“I was wondering if the guy they brought on the field was eligible to play or if they burned him,” Showalter said.

After players featured 90 games in 2019 and 75 in 2018, Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association agreed before the 2020 season to ban the use of players positioned as pitchers in games with a difference of five games or less. The base has been suspended for the past two years amid fears of shooter injuries caused by the pandemic, but it has been restored this season.

McKinstry could have been in the ninth inning if he had been named a two-way player, but the player, who was called up on Thursday, is not. No one on the Dodgers team has ever been named a two-way player. McKinstry was moved to Third Base instead.

“Ideally, I’d like to have Evan twice (rounds) tomorrow. I’m still trying to win a series and not just keep the match close,” said Roberts.

Dodgers quarterback Walker Buehler made the shortest start of his career, allowing five runs in 2 1/3 innings, and ended up using Los Angeles seven bowlers. Phillips allowed one hit and two hits in the ninth, and The Dodgers lost 9-4.


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