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Personally, I use Wiki for documentation (BlueSpice and Wiki.js are recommended) or AsciiDoc (conceptually similar to MarkDown, but in my opinion better syntax and no problems with ‘dialects’ as with MarkDown).

BlueSpice and Wiki.js are available in docker format and work perfectly with minimal resources. Do you have all the Office package options? no. But there is no hassle about formatting, the built-in editors are very useful and for (internal) documentation it is very easy to implement. You can link these to some issue trackers and the documents are exportable as PDF.

I use AsciiDoc for more complex documents. AsciiDoc also doesn’t have all the options of an Office package, but with a word processor like AsciiDocFX, exporting documents in PDF, HTML, MOB, and EPUB formats is very easy. Also, this content can be “feeded” to a static HTML handler, which serves your content directly to the web. internally or for the entire Internet.

Yes, at first AsciiDoc is a lot of extra work with a learning curve, but once set up you’ll soon forget you still need Office. Only then do you have the problem that strangers who are not familiar with this program are still spamming you with Office files.

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